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Friday, April 30, 2021

Do Greene and the board think being gay is a choice?

 Senator Stargel said being gay is a choice as she pushed Florida's transphobic bill across the finish line. I would like to know what our superintendent and school board think of this bill, and not just because they will be the ones carrying it but because, at this point, their silence is complicity. 

The anti-trans bill, which called for inspecting children's genitalia, passed in the house, but it stalled in the Senate, and there was hope that Florida would be spared this horrible bill. But, unfortunately, it was added to a last-minute train bill chalked full of anti-public education provisions and is now heading to the governor's desk, where he has vowed to sign it.

This bill does not protect girls' sports from men as it has been framed. Still, it does send a loud and clear message to our LGBTQ children, and that's the Republicans in the state legislature who think they are second-class citizens. So they can pass special legislation that segregates them from everyone else. Even representative Tuck, the bill's sponsor, couldn't point to where men dominating girls sports was happening as if it would, but that didn't deter him and his ilk from pushing this solution without a problem bill threw.   

This brings me to Greene and the school board, who have also remained silent as the legislature attacked teachers and unions; I think we should all know if our trans children should be excluded and if they think being gay is a choice. 

The superintendent and board have a voice they refuse to use. They have an obligation to educate the people about these bad bills and what they do, but they refuse to do so again. At some point, and I think that time has passed, their silence becomes complicity and shame on them,


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