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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its time we lost our patience with the Duval County School Board

Is it any wonder the people of Jacksonville have lost faith in the school district? The board had a decade to address the problems at our failing schools and when the chickens came home to roost, not only did they came up with a inane solution that doesn’t address the problems but violates the law as well.

When told their plan was unacceptable, their responce was to write a letter asking for more time. Now they plan go to Tallahassee and ask again. I wonder if this time instead of just saying please, they will say pretty please.

The city has lost faith; it’s time they lost their patience too.

If you would like to read the TU article check below.



  1. While we can agree that the School Board appears to bumbling and stumbling its way to a sure-to-be ridiculous solution, let's also agree that maybe someone should confront the state over these ridiculous requirements. There might be a need to close down these schools, but why should we if we don't want to? I would have preferred that the county give these schools over to the state geniuses years ago, but the schools would all have closed by now. Maybe that is/will be necessary, but why should we be told to do that? Those students still have to go to school. Won't we just be shuffling around the problem then?

  2. You are right and what people don't realize is the state has been in these schools for years and hasn't helped at all, i think made things worse. Did you know there are over 3000 students that could be attending those schools (according to becki Couch) that have chosen to go to school elsewhere. Instead of sending the ones there out, we should send the others home.

    My frustration with the shool board is, can they please just give us something to rally around rather than more nonsense...

  3. Have either of you attended one of the many community meetings on the Intervene Plan? I have. We have board members who have raised questions about the lack of focus on the feeder schools and ensuring kids are getting the support they need from prek-12. I think it is time we stand up to the state and say your plan STINKS and is unfair to the entire district. What do you think a Charter or EMO is going to do with the faculty at these schools? Fire them!! That's right they will blame the teachers for the lack of success. Also, good charters won't take them on because they can't cherry pick the students. Did you know they (charter or EMO) will only have one year to raise the students FCAT scores to a C or they will be closed too? It is time some one stands up to the state and points out their flaws. At least the DCSB has said enough is enough. If this happens at these schools what do you think is next? Ed White, Forrest, and a few more who don't meet AYP. By the way, there are schools on the state Intervene list that are C schools. These kids need wrap around support from early on and DCPS has finally created a plan to do it with or with out the help from the state. The state will say it is a teacher and prinicpal problem. Get rid of them and you won't need additional money. Why don't you read the plan? It is public record. Aren't they doing exactly what the business men wrote to the editor? Aren't they involving the community? Aren't they refusing to allow the state to come in a remove the staff one more time? Shouldn't this be something you can rally around?

  4. Friend I have never been inviteds, I don't have a clue as to where then were. Whats more I agree with ytou. The state is out of control and they have actually been in those schools, with their word walls and data note books for quite some time. The problem is the school board doesn't offer a solution, their idea to split the shools is ridiculous. Give me sometrhing to fight for and I will. Or you can here, but right now I got nothing to work with...