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Monday, July 11, 2011

Alvin Brown’s less than inspiring pick as education commissioner

At least it is a part time job I guess.

Mayor Brown followed the trend started by other politicians and leaders of blue ribbon panels and failed to hire an actual teacher to tackle the issues in our public schools. Well failed to hire a public school teacher that is.

Instead he hired Donald Horner from JU and the director of the Davis Leadership Center. I googled this and information did not readily jump out at me though I learned Mr. Horner was somehow affiliated with West Point. I didn’t want to join LinkedN to view his full profile to find out how. After about twenty minuets I gave up looking for additional information.

I imagine Professor Horner is a very smart guy; he would have to be to achieve what he has at JU University. However smart in management doesn’t always translate to smart in how to run schools. Smart at a private college doesn’t always translate into smart in public schools. Being a smart mayor obviously doesn’t translate well into what our schools need and that is somebody who has been in them, working with the children and talking with the teachers to find out what does and what doesn’t work. If Mayor Brown missed it, we have has a lot of the latter.

I guess time will tell, because google certainly didn’t.

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