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Saturday, May 28, 2011

More teachers about to lose their jobs in Broward County

From the Sun

by Rafeal Olmeda

About 400 Broward teachers can expect to be told next week that their current positions are being eliminated, Superintendent Jim Notter said Friday.

This is on top of the previously announced 1,400 first- and second-year teachers who are being let go or whose contracts are not being renewed.

Notter said he expects the vast majority of the 400 "surplussed" teachers to find other jobs in the district, filling positions that are vacated through attrition (voluntary retirements, resignations, and decertifications). Only those few unable to find other jobs in the district will be laid off, Notter said.

According to the Broward Teachers Union, a teacher facing layoff could stay on the payroll by bumping the least senior person holding a job for which the teacher facing layoff is certified. For example, an algebra teacher with 20 years of experience could hang onto the job by bumping an algebra teacher at another school with only three years on the job. Just an example.

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