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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

513 to lose their jobs in Pasco County

From the St. Petersburg Times

by Jeff Solochek

Details begin to shape up in Pasco layoff picture
There are still no names attached. But the Pasco County school administration has put out a list of allocation cuts that provide more details than the simple number of 513.

The breakdown of decreased positions going to the School Board looks like this:

Instructional - 247.99, including 151.13 basic, 36.77 ESE, 4.8 vocational and 55.29 others

Instructional support - 148.02, including 12 district direct services to schools

School related personnel - 94, including 73 in schools and 19 at district level

Non-instructional nonbargaining - 9

Professional technical - 4

Administrators - 10, including 8 at district level and 2 at secondary schools/adult centers

The board is expected to review the numbers later on Tuesday. Staff then will review resignations, retirements, seniority and other factors to determine how to best meet the allocations moving forward. District spokeswoman Summer Romagnoli tells the Gradebook that individuals impacted by the cuts will be notified on Thursday.

These layoffs are expected to generate about $28 million to $29 million in savings for next year. The district still is looking at furloughs to cover the remaining projected shortfall.

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