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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Charter schools that Vitti recommended are closing over Christmas break

Did he approve them because he believed in them or did he approve them because a member of Gary Chartrand's Jacksonville Public Education Fund, Cleve Warren, was the driving force behind them? JPEF if you have been following has both pushed charter schools and partnered with the district to run the QEA funds as well as other programs. These relationships should not be discounted especially as children pay the price.

These schools also managed just Ds and Fs during their short existence will now end up leaving hundreds of families in the lurch and wasting millions of dollars.

I don't believe these are the last of Vitti's charter schools to fail either.

From the Times Union:

Combined the four Virtue and Valor schools took in $4.5 million in revenues last year, most from state and federal sources, but also including donations.
Valor opened its doors in Northwest Jacksonville in August 2014 and Virtue opened in fall 2015. Both middle schools received D’s on state report cards and the high schools received F’s.
This is just shameful and I believe should fall directly in Vitti's lap.

Duval's charter schools share two things in common, as a group they under perform and they have been allowed to thrive under his watch.

I was told by the district that Valor was recommended by the prior superintendent. Sorry for any confusion, to avoid this in the future i have asked the district which superintendents approved which charters,  


  1. I believe it speaks volumes when teachers from these academics have their children in public middle schools.

  2. Interesting that these single gender schools were approved, Dr. Vitti complained that they are competing with traditional public schools, and then repurposes Butler Middle to single gender of a sorts to compete. Now the charter schools fail to draw students even though single gender was proposed as the answer to all of education's problems. Does anyone feel, like I do, that most of the changes in school configuration, such as changing two K - 5 schools to one K - 2 and one 3 - 5 is just so the D's and F's of the past 4 years will go away in the eyes of the state oversight folks?

    1. K-2 schools are a way to escape accountability & wipe the slate clean. When the state called Vitti on this he acted like he didn't shut the schools down he just "rezoned" them & called them something else like early learning centers. No more FSA grades for those schools. Now they spend all day worried about how many minutes a week the kids are logged onto i-Ready. Don't want to look bad for Iranetta. When did public education become such a joke? I remember going to school & having teachers that weren't reduced to reciting some crappy curriculum. Teachers that would deviate from the curriculum if they felt the need. There are still great teachers like that out there but unfortunately each day many of them are leaving the profession. Others are simply trying to survive til retirement or something better comes along. Sad.

    2. I just attended a workshop session where the entire time was spent cheering the curriculum. This group of people told us a bunch of lies about what is best and most if it was not backed by research or they stretched the truth of the research to make everyone believe the elementary curriculum was what was best for children. Seriously the most self serving half day a group of people had to sit through. Then Heir Vitti got up to tell us all a bunch of lies about how hundreds of people selected this curriculum. Well, for one the elementary ELA adoption committee did not. But then we were just teachers and coaches who teach children everyday. I guess a bunch of New York people who have spent their minute in a classroom, mostly secondary, know what's best. Please peddle your wares in a place where someone is stupid not in a room of actual teachers.