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Friday, December 16, 2016

Iranetta Wright becomes the number 2 in DCPS

I have to say, I have heard nothing good about her and her incredible rise. I imagine she has fans and supporters and at least one person, the super must be impressed (insert where she must know where the bodies are buried or have pictures joke here) and I guess in this day and age that is all that counts.

I still occasionally hear stories about her brow beating and ridiculing staff but hey we wouldn't be Duval County if that didn't happen from time to time.

In honor of her promotion I will republish some of the stories that have appeared on Education Matters over the years.

Like with most things in DCPS I will just have to hope the damage is minimal.


  1. Anybody know who took over the DTO for Wright?

  2. It's what Vitti liked bullies who know very little about teaching children without bein a bully.

  3. Remember all the people Vitti brought with him? Where have they gone? He's moving down the bench and quite frankly, after Iranetta goes after her own superintendency, he has no one left.

  4. I did my internship for Ed Leadership under Iranetta and found her to be a first class organizer who really knows how to get things accomplished. She was my assistant principal for a couple of years during that time and I had no complaints about her and never thought she was a bully. I know other teachers who have worked under her at other schools who did not get along with her, however. I just wanted to let you know there is at least one person, me, who thought she was an excellent administrator.