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Saturday, December 17, 2016

You know libraries, those things that most DCPS high schools no longer have or use

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  1. High school kids are asking what libraries are. Are those the places where we take standardized tests? Elementary students are asking what books are now that they have that read aloud curriculum. High schools aren't the only ones suffering. Unless of course your elementary school is in a privileged part of town(and/or the mayor sends his kids there) and you have an actual PTA that supports book fairs & other literacy projects. The collection for most elementary schools is maintained through book fairs and whatever they can scrounge from the teacher depot. The county doesn't send them anything. Instead they try & run off the media specialists. This leads to outdated collections. Ever go into the non-fiction section of an elementary school? Those books are older than you are. Not good when your focus is STEM. But that's DCPS for ya.