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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Superintendent Vitti receives a communication award, um what?!?

This is the same man when talking about recess and the pacing guide has publicly bemoaned that what he tells his top aides does not get to the the district's staff. Many people, including the school board and myself believe communication or lack of it has been one of the district's biggest problems.

After I cleaned up the milk I spit out of my mouth upon reading he won a communication award I did some research.

From the district's press release: 

Dr. Vitti was recognized yesterday at an awards luncheon during the 2016 Annual Joint Conference for school boards and superintendents held in Tampa. Dr. Vitti’s communication outreach included hosting community based “Chat with the Supe” meetings, launching “The Parent Academy” to increase engagement, expanding the use of digital platforms and broadcast programming, and collaborating with schools to develop internal marketing plans to strengthen brand equity. The award recognizes the superintendent’s vision to use traditional forms of engagement, such as frequent town hall meetings and focus groups, but also nontraditional mediums, such as social media and podcasts.

I attended most of the chats with the supe and if he would have actually listened to people I probably wouldn't be writing this blog right now or many blogs for that matter and I think his parent academy is a great idea though to be honest I do wonder how effective it has been. He has also had schools sell their brand, ugh, writing that made me a bit ill, but the reason they have had to sell their brands is because of the proliferation of charter schools under his watch and seemingly one scandal after another since hes been here, his wife following a school board member, baker acting instead of arresting children, the ESE investigation, the department of justice investigation, etc.

As for the other points, are they talking about our dog mascot? What's his name  Mr. Dumbestideaever?

I then looked into the organization which gave him the award. The Sunshine State School Public Relations Association.

It didn't start well as the first thing I saw was a McAfee security warning, suggesting I not go to the site.  Not a good start.

It turns out the organization is 40 years old which is about 39 years older than I thought it would be but at the same time it is sponsored by for profit companies looking to make inroads into our schools. Furthermore I couldn't find out who their members are because you had to be a member to go to the section.

Let's just say I have my doubts about the veracity of both the award and the organization. I will leave it to you to be the judge.

Communication award, wow.


  1. I went to a nearby "Chat with the Supe". In the hour's alloted time, there were only four questions, because every answer by Dr. Vitti was a lengthy discourse about the development of the issue brought up (there were a good number of parents of elementary students complaining about the curriculum) and then his justification. I had some things I would have brought up, but never got the chance. Scott Shine was there also, so I'd planned to include him in my "Chat" too.

  2. Wow. Is right. His communication skills wetr evifeny when he failed to tell the board about a 7k response from teachers and parents from the weather day survey. He blindswiped thr board and they responded with a public chastisement which he deserved. He is not a good communicator. He is great at dictating,even to a school board. How awful.