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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Duval gives teachers lower evaluations, is the purpose to save money? (rough draft)

I think I can prove it is.

During the 15-16 school year 45.9 percent of Florida's teachers were considered highly effective, a number that Duval actually brought down, because only  23.4% of our teachers were, which put us in 50th place, though most of those behind us were small districts with a few hundred or few thousand teachers.

When we compared ourselves to the big districts something the super frequently does, we came in third to last only behind Brevard and Pinellas.

Brevard- 18.3%
Dade- 32.6%
Hillsborough- 42.7%
Orange- 75.2%
Palm Beach 50.4%
Pinellas- 10.3
Polk- 36.5

If you are on the new pay scale and you get an effective evaluation you get a thousand dollar raise, however if you get a highly effective evaluation 2k comes your way.

If Duval hit the state average it would cost the district roughly an additional 2 million dollars but that isn't the only money teachers are losing out on. Teachers also lose out on being eligible for the Best and Brightest bonuses, now I think the program is dumb but as things stand now only highly effective teachers are eligible.

We use the ironically named C.A.S.T. evaluation system a tool so unwieldy that the union gives seminars on how to understand what is happening, and that practically takes advance math and a graphing calculator to figure out.Why? Apparently to save money.

But hey somebody has to pay for the supers new ID system, exploding cabinet and new computers right. So many teachers already spend their own money on basics whats a little more.

Here are how the other districts in Northeast Florida are doing.

Clay 84.3% highly effective, St. Johns 60,2%

To check out how other districts do, click the link,


  1. To add another problem to our evaluation system just try asking someone in the district's evaluation department how VAM scores are calculated. They have no idea. I was finally told to stop calling because they have told me all they know which was we don't know how it is done. What a cluster

  2. When a teacher mark any student present even though you did not, that student is still present in the system so that VAM score that is supposed to weigh attendance as a factor (you can't teach an absent child) in the teacher's favor is now counted. I had a student absent for 130 days and yet he showed up as only absent for 3 days. I don't care if that student is present for PE or whoever is not taking good attendance, it still should not be counted for me if I marked him/her absent. I have no confidence that all these "values" of abilities (ESE, truant,) are really taken into consideration when kids are absent for 30 days at a time and moved out of the country and they remain on the roll for another two months.