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Friday, February 10, 2017

Jason Fischer files bill to send 1.2 million dollars to his donor's charter school

Oy vey, and guess what, the charter school isn't even in his district. 

Also say you are like, I love charter schools, they are the bees knees, even you should be outraged because why should this one charter school get an extra 1.2 million dollars in tax payer money. Oh maybe it's because it is the pet project of Gary Chartrand and his friends who have bankrolled Fischer's campaigns. Collectively they gave Fischer tens of thousands of dollars, but talk about a return on investment.  

From Florida Politics

On Thursday, an appropriations bill (HB 2787) was filed in the Florida House for the benefit of the “Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP).”
The bill, filed by Jacksonville Republican Jason Fischer (a former member of the Duval County School Board), seeks to continue the $1,224,000 appropriation from the previous budget to benefit Jacksonville’s KIPP school.
HB 2787 is well-positioned to succeed: Jacksonville powerbroker Gary Chartrand, a member of the local KIPP school’s Board of Directors, is close with Gov. Scott and is on the State Board of Education.

This is all that is wrong in politics, the tax payers on the hook to fund a millionaires pet school and a bought and paid for politician making it happen.

Mandarin, is this what you thought you were getting?


1 comment:

  1. KIPP = Keeping It Political and Privatized (private interests, prissy,
    prickish, or just continue to feel free to add your own alternative P-words

    Gotta love those education expert politicians!