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Monday, February 20, 2017

The district should ask our teachers about new ID policies

Teachers are the ones that will have to implement any new ID policy and I think that entitles them to be consulted. So I sent the following note to the school board encouraging them to reach out to the district's teachers. I believe if they did so more often we would be in a better place.

I did a piece on the new ID system on the blog Education Matters and I received a ton of responses (see below) that I thought you might be interested in. I just wanted to suggest why not do a survey monkey and ask teachers, the people who would be implementing it, what they thought.

Have a good day
Chris Guerrieri

  1. Will someone let the Super know that the current ids are already used for checking out textbooks, library books and equipment both at schools AND public libraries, as well as purchasing lunches. Why do we need to pay to put scanners on EVERY classroom in the county when we already enter attendance into a system that is accessible by everyone in the school? How will new ids track attendance better than the program he spent millions on 3 years ago????? Just another waste. How about someone let him know what really needs funding, like new buildings instead of buying nasty portables (yes, many of the ones in use came from FEMA after hurricane Katrina so think on that....), or paying for more Paras so there are more hands in deck in all schools?? There is no amount of technology that can ever replace the value of human contact. The simple act of talking to a child, being the person that offers words of encouragement, or having a child know someone cares is more valuable than any scanner. On the plus side, you don't have to pay benefits for a scanner, or deal with union complaints when they quit working. You just replace them like he wishes he could replace us with mindless cogs.
  2. If you want to know where your child is at all times then ask him and raise a child who believes in telling the truth. You have to raise your children to be respectful and want a good education then you won't have to worry about them cutting classes. This also makes me wonder who has a friend who owns the badge making company or who has stock in the badge making company
  3. Good points. Do we have a problem in every school. How sad! Maybe the engagement and interest in school has to do with curriculum and lack of support services. Maybe the millions could be spent on fixing the problem instead of monitoring the problem. I am reminded of those commercials where the dentist says oh I don't fix the cavity I only monitor the cavity. P
  4. Truant students do not wear ID badges, so who is this for? Also, many of the parents at Ed White do not make their child wear the Ed White uniform or the ID badge. I guess it is obvious who will benefit on this as well. If anything, some kind of way, it will be another thing that teachers will have to track in addition to taking attendance. I agree, this is a waste!!!
From Facebook, names redacted
 Sounds like a good idea to me for the students. But definitely not to monitor staff and faculty whereabouts. They need to implement some type of penalty for students who don't wear them. I am sure some schools have a harder time than others.

I think I like the idea of visitors wearing them and also some parents (especially those who "wander " where they shouldn't). I think it is great security for students. BUT- I think making teachers wear chipped IDs instead of the ones worn now smacks of micromanaging and mistrust, instead of treating them as professionals.
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I refuse to wear one. My current ID is fine.
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 I can honestly say this one doesn't bother me so much. Any hospital you enter has their employees wearing this type of badge. I see it as a safety measure should the unthinkable occur. I'm on a very open campus where that continues to be a real possibi...See More

 I don't mind this either. In my opinion, the reason other id's have not worked is because there wasn't too great of an incentive for kids to wear them. When there was a game or dance, everyone "found" one or purchased a new one. As Shannon pointed out, for security reasons it may be a good idea. As far as me wearing one? Sure. I have nothing to hide.
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Nah. Thats a hard pass...

 I can't believe I'm saying this but I could give a hoot if admin knew in was in restroom. I am on their time. As for kids it's a battle but geez wearing an ID is a really basic skill.

 Can't wait to see how many K-1st graders loose their cards. Are teachers going to have card out every time they leave their classrooms? Big brother will be watching

I agree with you, Chris. My first thoughts were of one Year at Paxon SAS first day, " all Students will wear their ID at all times", by week two it was forgotten about. So many students refused to wear them and there was nothing done by the "Adminis...See More

Ain't technology great? Super duper idea, then the game-playing over attendance and tardy and skipping statistics will end. Is the super ready for some real numbers?

What is to keep a student from scanning their ID and their friends ID so their friend could skip? "This system could save the district about $1 million over five years, Vitti said, but first the district must spend $1.1 million to set it up." How often does he changes programs? Who is to say we would keep this program for the 5 years. He wastes so much money. When is this on the school board's agenda?

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