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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cheryl Grymes is not the type of school board member we need

Charter schools are in the news a lot lately here in Florida as the legislature is hoping to send a massive tax payer funded giveaway at the expense of the state's public schools, their way.

I have long advocated for fighting against charters especially since most do worse, many fail and the ones that do well are usually in neighborhoods with great schools, siphoning away resources from them.

Cheryl Grymes has a different philosophy and let me let her own words do her talking for her, from the Detroit Free Press 

Grymes said the administration has limited power to stop the process.

“We can vote against a charter school opening, but then what happens is it’s going to (get appealed to the Department of Education) in Tallahassee, and they’re going to overturn it. They always do,” she said. “What (Vitti) did to combat charters is he said we’re going to compete. We’re going to do what we can to market our schools so we’ll be your first choice.”

You know, there is nothing we can do to fight back against charters (other than blow up neighborhood schools, Vitti's way to combat them) so Grymes thinks we should just bend over and take it.

Well friends you probably won't be surprised to learn that other school boards feel differently and they feel our kids and schools are worth fighting for.

The same day Grymes said that in the Detroit Free Press, this came out in News4Jax

 The Palm Beach County School Board has taken a first step in asking the Florida Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional a law that allows the State Board of Education to overturn local denials of charter-school applications.
Hmm, there is a board that wants to fight back, to do its job, something I have been advocating our board do here for years.

What kind of board member do you want? One that says, lets just take it, like Grymes? Or one that wants to fight tooth and nail for our schools and students?

You see I think Grymes likes charter schools but she knows especially in her district where they have done poorly, they are unpopular, so instead of saying that is how she feels, she says, there is nothing we can do instead. and before she or anyone threatens to sue me or write me up, that's just what I think.

Well the Palm Beach board and I completely disagree.

1 comment:

  1. No doubt Grymes & Vitti prefer the "go along to get along" approach. Don't want to upset the apple cart. What would the state board of education say?? What about all our charter school benefactors??? Fighting charter schools would also require hiring lawyers & lawyers cost $$ that could be better spent on ankle bracelets errrr I mean id badges for teachers & students alike.

    While I'm not surprised DCPS has gone the route of least resistance when it comes to charter schools I am surprised the paper tigers at the DTU haven't challenged VAM scores as an invalid & unreliable measure of teacher effectiveness like they've already concluded in New Mexico & Houston. Maybe the DTU believes (like Vitti does) that teachers are no better than manure?

    Houston’s EVAAS is one form of several existing systems of evaluation known as a VAM or Value-Added Model. As statistical models go, VAM is a sound system for what it was originally designed for: agriculture. So, if you are interested in increasing plant growth or seek to optimize levels of dairy production, get yourself a VAM. As a measure of teacher effectiveness in the classroom however, VAMs have been troubled from the start.