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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Times Union is the worst and I can prove it

The day after the Florid Legislature dropped a nuclear bomb on public education by passing HB 7069 which is an unprecedented expansion of privatization the Times Union did an editorial about keeping Teach for America. 

The tone deafness of the editors is overwhelming..

They decided to support Teach for America despite the fact its core setup is ridiculous.   

They take non education majors putting them through a six week teacher boot camp and then into our neediest schools where they are supposed to serve just two years (one sixth of them historically don’t even finished their first year) assuring an ever revolving door of novice teachers in front of our most vulnerable children.

How the concept wasn't laughed out the door is a testament to the anti-labor and corporate reform movement. 

But it gets worse because nothing exacerbates teacher turnover like Teach for America does and that’s not me saying it that is Duval County’s very own study doing so.

 That should be enough right there. Reasonable people should say oh, that’s terrible we can do better but since the Times Union is not let’s factor in how ridiculously expensive it is.

It's not just the additional nearly five million that the district has given them, since they came to town it is the additional 6.25 million that the QEA has given them over the last three years as well. Remember this is for less than 200 teachers and that money was supposed to be used to improve our schools. Not a penny of that money saw a classroom.

In addition to salaries, benefits, and training the district and the QEA has given Teach for America nearly 11 million dollars. Let that sink in. 11 million dollars.

That's a lot of money and for what? Here is a note I got from JPEF when I asked about the money so you know once again this isn’t just me saying it.

From Deidra O'Connor of JPEF

Hi Chris,

I am indeed reading on a Sunday. Some updated info for you: TFA has been granted 6.25 million, of which $5 million has been paid and $1.25 million has been approved and will be paid out by June 1. Does this help?

I'm cc'ing Charmaine Campo, who can assist you if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,

Deirdre Conner
Director of Advocacy & Communications

Mobile: (904) 345-0597

If my wife, mother, best friend and cat were in TFA I still couldn't support it, but the Times Union has no problem doing so. The main reason? Some rich guy likes it,
For Shame.


  1. Hmmmm you would think the TU would be all for cutting government waste in an era of shrinking budgets. TFA isn't a bad idea. I just don't understand why they need millions of dollars outside of salaries. (Of course then they could just apply for teaching positions like everyone else.) Apparently there's lots of money in non-profits. It's a pyramid scheme and DCPS is no longer the gullible mark. Even Vitti who's been a champion supporter of TFA can't spin it anymore. He's calling for cutbacks in TFA spending--which should tell you something.

    I don't remember seeing any editorials in the TU about the controversial education bill sitting on Gov. Scott's desk. Now that would be really interesting. Do they side with "civic leaders" like Gary Chartrand and JPEF or the superintendent who broke ranks with them on school choice and charter schools in Vitti? My guess is neither. They don't want to show up Vitti after begging him not to leave. It would reflect poorly on their judgement and we couldn't have that.

  2. They are the worst! I unsubscribed long ago when they began thinking the Super could do no wrong. They supported his bully tactics and allowed him to harm children and did not once report the investigations and the underhanded way he closed schools without a thought about how it would affect children, except his own of course.

  3. Just as I suspected. Zero outrage from the TU regarding the atrocious HB 7069. Outside of a column from their token liberals Wood & Littlepage the TU has been conspicuously silent. You would juthink their editorial staff would jump on the chance to pen an op ed supporting all things Vitti? At least we have the Orlando sentinel & Miami herald to keep it 100.,amp.html