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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Times Union says, we should have TFA because Gary Chartrand likes them.

If today's editorial is indicative of the Times Union then it is not fit to wrap fish or line bird cages. If you have a subscription I urge you to end it. If you have friends which are still holding on, I urge you to encourage them to end their subscriptions too.

Today the Times Union wrote an editorial that said, we should keep Teach for America because wealthy grocer and charter school zealot Gary Chartrand says we should, I $#%^ you not.

From the Times Union:

Teach for America has another big advantage for the district. It has the support of some of the city’s major philanthropists like Gary Chartrand.

Through their foundation, Chartrand and his family have spent large amounts of time and funds to help public schools.
That some criticize these efforts proves the adage that “no good deed shall go unpunished.”
Everyone in Jacksonville should be thrilled that Chartrand and other private funders are supporting Teach for America and the KIPP charter schools.
The long waiting list at the KIPP schools is a testament to support in the community. 
Why should we care what a rich grocer charter school zealot from St. Johns county, who has never taught a day in his life thinks about education? Does the system exist to educate children or to placate Gary Chartrand.
About KIPP, not only do they have longer school days and year and can put requirements on their parents and spend more per pupil but how great are they?
Do you know the grades of the KIPP schools? Last year the middle school went from a D to a C. An improvement yes, but that’s how the KIPP middle school works, it’s up one year and then down the next, probably because so many TFA teachers come and go. It has had more Ds and Fs than anything and the elementary school had a grade of D, but hey they have a waiting list so they must be great right?

They said because there is a wait list that must be an indicator of community support. Sadly it is not, it’s an indicator of a marketing campaign that has for years belittled and blamed public schools and a media that doesn’t do its job.

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