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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Is Willis listening to the people about weather days?

I really think so.

First I think the new schedules placement of the bulk of the weather days at the end of the year was masterful. That being said, nobody really has the appetite for making up the weather days and Superintendent Willis seems to be listening.

From the Times Union:

The School Board will vote at its Oct. 3 meeting how to make up the six school days lost to the storm. One proposal from Interim Superintendent Patricia Willis would have one weather day and six early release days be restored to full school days

Using the early release days is a suggestion I and many others have given, and even from an instructional point of view makes sense. What's more valuable, time in the middle nine weeks, or time at the end of the year when nobody wants to be there. 

Superintendent Vitti got a lot of credit for going on listening tours and there was a time even I applauded him, that is until I realized he wasn't listening. I doubt there was one substantive change made from all the listening tours and community meetings he did, they were all just for show. Willis is already leaps and bounds ahead of him on that front.

If you like Mrs. Willis's plan, and I love it, please let your school board member know. 

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