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Friday, September 1, 2017

Former Teacher of the year says the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, isn't all that

And a bag of chips, okay I added that last part.

From a former teacher of the year, I have chosen to keep their identity anonymous because of the influence JPEF has in the district.

As a former T.O.Y., I was invited to take part in a forum of teachers sponsored by JPEF, a round table type talk to discuss issues facing teachers and what we hoped district leaders would do towards resolution. 

Some highly regarded teachers from across the district were in attendance when I was there. 

I was in attendance for only a few such sessions to end up feeling very dismayed. 

After sharing that I had attended, several people in different settings strongly implied that JPEF was more interested in working by Vitti's side rather than on behalf of educators. 

The process seemed sincere, yet clearly wasn't in the best interests of teachers or their students.

If you look at JPEF's political leanings and the actions of its board members you can definitely tell they don't have the best interests of public schools, teachers and students at heart.

An organization that zealously advocates for and supports public education would be a boon for our community, unfortunately we don't have that with JPEF.

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