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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Scott Shine says teachers don't need raises.

Are you $#^ing kidding me? #$%^& #$%@ on a stick What is wrong with this $%#& *&%@!!!!

Deep breaths, deep breaths. Also symbols above only replaced the words puppies and kittens, so please nobody write me up or threaten to sue me.

From the Florida Times Union: Among its requests is a general bid for more state money to raise teacher salaries beyond the one-time bonuses. Florida is the 36th lowest paying state for in the nation for teachers, according to the Florida School Finance Council, a group of district officials which advises the state.

Board member Scott Shine pointed out that those rankings don’t consider the cost of living differences among states.
You know because the cost of living is so low here in Jacksonville. Teachers are riding high on the hog.
Mr. Shine a millionaire by the way has the chutzpah to imply teachers salaries are just fine because the cost of living in other states is higher and the the thing is he couldn't be more wrong.
Want to see how wrong, play around with this.

There are plenty of places that have a lower cost of living and pay more but hey facts...
District 2 is this really the guy you want representing you? How many of you think teachers are paid to much?
You have to do better.


  1. My husband has taught AP American History here in Duval County for over 12 years and still hasn't cracked $40k annually. I can't understand it, I have asked him to check about it and he has been told he's being paid correctly.

    This is his second career he will be at a retirable age soon, but I'm not sure we can afford for him to retire! I am a Realtor
    and an independent contractor so we need his medical benefits for both of us.

    I don't think this country was meant to be for the benefits of big companies and entities only. We need to work it into the code somewhere some breaks for entrepreneurs! We can't get good medical benefits affordably so we stay tied to jobs much longer than we should.

    I wonder if the millennials will change it up. They don't tend to stay in jobs as long as Baby boomers do.

    I don't know it just seems the system is set up not to reward those that don't fit the 'worker-bee' pattern. I don't think that was the intent of the founders of our great country!

    While substituting in 2 Fifth grade classrooms this week I found it interesting that one of the Human Rights the UN put together is the right for recreation and paid time off. Wow - what a wonderful society that that would be. Where all people rich, middle class poor or retired got paid time off. But I digress now into a dream.

    Love your blog, long time lurker first time commenter. :)

    1. If your husband has been teaching for 12 years, he should be around 43,000. I have been in for 12 as well and make around 45,000 with an MA.
      Below 40,000 is a new teacher salary....
      I am not supporting the teacher salaries as they are though; it is absurd that, on a very low budget, my hubby and I struggle with the current salaries. I don't need to make millions, but with the high turnaround, you would think the district would want to invest a bit more in teachers. Do away with PD full-time people, and just pay teachers to adjunct. Get rid of the ridiculous bugle from downtown!