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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Jason Fischer's lackluster and tone deaf's response to hurricane Irma

This guy, deep breaths, don't want to get written up by the district, two disciplinary hearings, threatened to be sued and being called a parasite by a school board member in a little over a year have taken their toll, but Fishcer, this guy takes the $#%^ing cake.

On his Facebook page he posted pictured of the shelters that people could seek refuge in during hurricane Irma and they are almost all public schools, you know those schools he wishes to starve and dismantle in favor of who pays his campaign bills, charter schools.

Oh and how many people did the local charters take in? Zero as far as I can tel and partly because they are blood sucking parasites who for the most part only really care about the bottom line but partly because they aren't built too, while public schools are required to be built that way because they are part of our emergency infrastructure.

Something Becki Couch pointed out on Facebook, Yet, they will receive property tax money equivalent to district public schools whose staff, food service, and schools were serving during the hurricane. Also, they are not built to code (SREF) like our schools. Take a look at Representative Fischer's FB. He is taking pictures at the hurricane shelters (all but 1 are public schools) and doesn't even see the irony that he is trying to starve public schools.

Here is a link to his page,, if you want to point out what a hypocrite he is.

Thus far he has a ton of money and no opponent in what is considered a safe republican district, but he's terrible and we can and should do better. If no democrat steps up and I have to believe Fischer who ran a scorched Earth Campaign against his republican opponent last year is very beatable, then a decent republican needs too.

Come on folks we deserve better.


  1. Fischer is what he is. Which is not much.

  2. I am commenting anonymously because I don't have tenure. I am commenting though because the district is oblivious to the shit storm that is going on in the front office at Mayport Middle School. It's sad how the front office is emptied out and everyone is acting like everything is fine. Not! Sorry for being off topic but I needed to tell somebody without fearing for my job.