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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scott Shine's poor start as a school board member.

Scott Shine is one of the "line on a resume" school board members like W.C. Gentry and Tommy Hazouri were before him. They don't have any institutional knowledge or any real experience but think to themselves, hey I would like to do that and often our schools pay the price for it. 

Scott Shine who last sumer while running said we need more charter schools had some interesting, i.e. disturbing quotes, on the Mike the Teacher blog.

...the main reasons (to extend Vitti's contract) were “we need stability in the Superintendent’s chair”,  “If we fire him, who’s going to be better?” and “We hope [Dr. Vitti] can develop into a great leader” — that the Board wanted to give him a chance to do so.

Um, the board hopes he can develop into a great leader?!? So the board is just experimenting on our kids, schools and teachers??? What the beep, if he's not a great leader now why did the board extend his contract for three more years before they had too? What type of sense does that make. The same type that says, if all hopes came true we would be riding unicorns.

Scott Shine, who obviously has a man crush on Vitti as he gave him a near perfect evaluation is completely out of touch. Let me ask you this, should a school district be run on hope or on evidence and data? Scott Shine obviously thinks just hoping is the way to go. 


  1. Chris, you are absolutely the worst ambassador teachers could possible have. As usual, your comments are false and slanderous. If educators want to make progress with leadership, they need to be sure and distance themselves from people like you. You are a "cyber bully" - a coward that hides behind his "blog" hurling insults and offering no real solutions. You are without question the most destructive individual to improving conditions for educators in Duval County.

  2. Scott, Scott, Scott settle down, if you don't like the heat get out of the kitchen. Instead of attacking me how about you tell me what I got wrong.

    As for solutions, you probably wouldn't have noticed it because I am teacher and people like you feel you can ignore us but I have offered dozens and dozens of ways to improve the district that I and other teachers have come up with.

    Finally take a poll of educators and see if they agree with me or with you. I feel confident saying the vast majority would agree with me.

  3. I am for teachers. I don't "ignore" teachers and I have even been willing to have open and honest conversation with you and "Mike the Teacher" (while everyone, and I mean everyone, said not to). The result . . . . well you know the answer. I don't think you truly want anyone to help improve conditions for teachers as that would make your "blog" and you irrelevant. You are the only one I have heard from who is against the DTU contract. Are you for teachers? I am not attacking you -- I am stating a fact I know to be true: you hurt the effort of professional educators who want and need change. You are the one making it easy for leaders to turn their back to educators and dismantle the public school system. So, what if we all became what you believe us to be? What you say we are? Well, I guess the business of Chris Guerrieri and toxic blogging would have another banner year! Teachers should be unhappy about a lot of what is going on - not the least of which is your willingness to burn down their house around them.

    1. Read my blogs about the contract there are a lot of teachers who aren't satisfied with or excited about it.

      I do not do a good news blog though I have encouraged the super and board to start one, but what I do is let other people’s words and actions do their talking for them. If you don't like me pointing out you don't use data, then use data, if you don't like me pointing out you make rushed decisions, then don't make rushed decisions, if you don't like me commenting on the insensitive and or short sighted things you say, then don't say short sighted or insensitive things. If the powers that be don’t like me pointing out their hypocrisy then they shouldn’t engage in it.

      The truth is the city needs somebody to be watching, the local media has fallen down on the job and to speak truth to power. As for leaders I think you mean people who want things thier way and think because they are rich should get it. Education does not need people like Chartrand, Weaver to lord over it. You don’t get it, 40 million is nice, but an appreciated, and valued teacher force is priceless.

      Furthermore few people in the city have fought harder for the city’s teachers. In the last few months I exposed a massive data breach, got the high school social studies teachers and administration on the same page, written about the bully principal at First Coast high school and fought for an extension of the evaluation appeal dead line. A few years past I saved the district 350 thousand dollars when I revealed a conflict of interest contract and have forced the district to ask tough questions about Teach for America, discipline, mental health and Charter schools. Oher than carry water for the chamber of commerce, what have you done?

      Every day the blog, which has had dozens of contributors gives teachers a voice and has thousands of conversations. Overwhelmingly they agree with me.

      Become a better school board member, practically a perfect evaluation for the super and a rushed and unnecessary extension, come on, and it will be recognized but until then expect to have every move you make scrutinized, something good elected officials would encourage and recognize the value of.

  4. Interesting, Anonymous, that you accuse Chris of hiding behind his blog when he goes to School Board meetings and speaks on the record.

  5. The arrogance. They expect to work you over without you saying anything. Total power corrupts totally.

  6. Chris is one of the few who will state the truth in his real name. I applaud his efforts, and I feel he represents teachers more than DTU does.

  7. Yes Gregory, speaking up against the abuses of power are not taken kindly, and anonymity is our only protection. You must be retired.