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Friday, March 8, 2019

You might be surprised by who voucher schools DO NOT have to take.

Public schools have to take an educate every student that shows up regardless of religion, race, intellect and ability, socio-economic status and sexual preference. That’s what public schools do, private schools however that accept vouchers don’t have the same obligations.

Private schools that take vouchers, that take public money, billions in public money, don’t have to take:

Muslim kids or children with any religion they disagree with or don't like,  or that is not theirs

Kids to who English is a second language

Refugees and immigrants

Kids with learning disabilities

Kids with intellectual and physical disabilities.

They don’t have to take kids that have discipline issues.

Kids from single parent households.

Private schools that take vouchers don’t have to take LGBTQ kids.

Any kid for any reason

Voucher schools don’t have to take anyone they don’t want to and for the ones they do, at any point they want, like after they are paid and public schools are no longer eligible to receive money, they can get rid of them.

Why don’t they have to take those schools? Because they are private schools and they can take and keep whoever they want.

Friends in this era of limited resources whats better, public schools that have to take any child, that have standards and accountability, or schools that can take whatever they want and teach whatever they want, what friends, is the better choice...  

Vouchers are a bad deal for all of us, there is no standards and there is so little accountability we might as well as say they have none.

We should demand better.   

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