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Monday, October 7, 2019

Are Corcoran and DeSantis trying to improve teacher salaries or are they just trying to get a head line?

The speaker of the house Jose Olivia seems to be saying they are just looking for a headline.

No photo description available.

Um do these guys not talk to each other? The next session doesn't start to March, couldn't he have reached out to Olivia and said, Jose old buddy what do you think?

Nope didn't happen.

These are some things that have happened recently. The state board of education when you factor in inflation recommended a cut to education spending and Senate President Bill Galvano said we're (Florida) doing just great with education spending. Neither of those facts give me much hope that something is going to give and DeSantis going to come through.

Friends we need to strike, and I know they say striking in Florida is illegal, but good luck firing 80 thousand of us and it was illegal other places and prevailed. They don't care about teachers or public school kids and maybe a strike might force them to, despite DeSantis's headline grabbing proposal, the only thing it really was, they aren't interested in doing the right thing.

I asked a question in the title but I think we all know the real answer. 


  1. I'm confused. Is this an election year? What's the angle?? Is he just trying to court teacher unions by proposing something that will never see the light of day?

  2. I'll just point out in places like WV teachers really didn't strike. Boards closed the school districts. Unfortunately the Association of School Boards and the association of School Superintendents in Florida so far have not gone out on a limb to support something like this.