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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Friends there isn't any money for teacher raises, DeSantis uses teachers to prop up his approval ratings.

Last week with a lot of fanfare and few details DeSantis announced a proposal to raise starting teacher salaries to 47,500, going from 2nd to 26th in the nation.

His proposal did nothing for veteran teachers and I seriously doubt it would make much of a difference for recruitment and retention too, but all of that is moot because there isn't any money to pay for it an none seems coming.

First the state board of education in August proposed a fifty dollar increase in the per pupil allotment, where districts get money to pay their teachers, since when you factor in inflation that is actually a decrease the money isn't coming from there.

Then when DeSantis made the proposal expected to cost 600 million or about 2.4 billion less than would get us to 2007 levels, the speaker of the house Jose Olivia basically threw a wet blanket on the proposal saying, the House would consider it, so it doesn't seem like the money is coming from there either.

And that brings us to today.

Where the FLDOE doesn't seem to have any idea where the money if coming either.

  The Governor straight up used to teachers as a prop to pump up his poll numbers when he did his education tour last month. The state board, the house and the FLDOE have no idea where the money for any teacher raise let alone the one he proposed is coming from and if they don't have an idea then who does. People shouldn't think for a second that DeSantis is any different than the other politicians in Tallahassee who pay lip service to education while trying to undermine it.

For shame governor DeSantis, for shame.

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