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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The FLFOE's budget request, more proof the governor and commissioner used teachers as props

So the FLDOE, a department run by Richard Corcoran the man who traveled the state last week with Governor DeSantis, gave their budget proposal to the senate education committee today and guess what wasn't in it? Sadly you probably don't have to but if you did and guessed no raises for teachers, you win, sorry you lose again.

You know Corcoran runs the FLDOE right? I know I can't believe it either and I agree he has no business doing so, but because elections have consequences, dreadful, dreadful consequences, and he is. You would think any raises for teachers would be in their proposal but nope.

The worst and dumbest, sorry best and brightest bonus program that leaves out about half of the states teachers is still there, but nothing close to a raise.

Friends, DeSantis used teachers as a prop to boost his poll numbers and Corcoran was standing next to him at every stop, that's shameful.

The state's teachers, heck the state, deserves better.

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