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Monday, October 28, 2019

Who else has Gary Chartrand bought? Ju'Coby Pittman edition

Who else on the city council doesn’t owe Gary Chartrand? Ju’Coby Pittman edition.
I would like to give Mrs. Pittman some credit. I have seen the financials to the Clara White mission and unlike Rory Diamond and his charity K9 for warriors she isn’t using it as her personal ATM like he is. That being said WTF is nobody on the city council not beholden to Gary Chartrand?  
From News4jax,
 A Jacksonville couple has decided to stand up against across-the-board city budget cuts that left a local rescue mission scrambling to maintain its programs.
Gary and Nancy Chartrand are donating in a big way to the Clara White Mission, pledging $50,000 every year for the next five years.
Now you might be saying, but Chris this happened in 2014 there is no way Chartrand could have been grooming her for her role on the city council so she could oppose the referendum 5 years later, and sure I would concede that.
The thing is, have you ever wondered why Rick Scott a republican governor appointed a democrat to a city council seat when he could have appointed a republican? He has two seats to fill when the Browns were arrested but instead of appointing two republicans he didn’t and Pittman was appointed to fill one of the seats. I mean have you met Mrs. Pittman she doesn't exactly travel in Curry and Scott's circles.  
I am sure Rick Scott asked around, and I am equally sure Chartrand recommended her because you know what, like most of the board does, it would be somebody else there that owed him a favor, like say opposing the special tax referendum.
I can imagine the conversation.
Scott calls into the Family’s basement where they are drinking brown liquor, smoking cigars and cutting and eating apple slices.
Scott- You guys have a real mess over there, I am going to have to make two appointments, what two republicans do you have in mind.
Curry- I have some ideas, what about you Gary?
Chartrand- oh I have somebody perfect in mind, but they aren’t a republican.
Scott- um what?
Curry- no way.
Chartrand- here me out, I have somebody that owes me a big favor.
How else to you explain Pittman’s appointment?
Six figures, to Curry, Six figures to Fischer, a Million to Diamond, a quarter million to Pittman, thousands to a dozen others. People should know that a millionaire from Ponte Vedra is running the city and people should know what his agenda is.   

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