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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Another embarrassing day for Jacksonville (draft)

The Duval Delegation  voted 6-2 to advance Jason Fischer's craven J1 bill that plays politics with the future of the city's children and asks the state legislature to allow for a change in the city charter going from an appointed superintendent to an elected one. This was more than just disappointing it was embarrassing as it just shows yet once again we have elected terrible people who feel comfortable ignoring facts, evidence and the will of the people.

There is not one good reason to have an elected superintendent, not one and there are plenty of good reasons to have an appointed one, furthermore the school board, the ones the people elected to manage our schools could request a referendum without having to ask 112 politicians who don't live here to change the charter and they have adamantly refused to do so. 

Furthermore everyone knows this was a racially motivated and craven attack against superintendent Diana Greene because she wouldn't give into the mayor, city council and their donors attempt to extort hundreds of millions from the school system.

Fischer when he was on the school board didn't bring this up, he has made no move in the state legislature to change the commissioner of education from an appointed to an elected position and he even changed the J1 bill which initially wanted an appointed school board.

He said he talked to 200 people who wanted an elected super, a bold face lie on his part, but are these the same people who said they wanted an appointed school board? Like Fischer did they too flip flop on their initial position? No, he lies as easily as I breathe.

It's just not this though, look at whats happening at the JEA, the people don't want to sell it but there they are chugging along. The housing authority, micro grants from the Kids hope alliance to buy political support, the landing, the murder rate, heck we are about to privatize parking, individually they are all bad but when taken together, what the %$#& is happening to the city?

This past summer we had a mayor and city council, fight tooth and nail, and changed the meaning of the word shall to fight against the city's schools, children, a stimulus and jobs, you know the things every other city council and mayor in the world fight for.  It is embarrassing, I am embarrassed to live here.

Friends our city has been hijacked. Too many people were on snooze and auto pilot figuring we would elect decent people who would do decent things and they were terribly wrong. What is happening here with the J1 bill, the referendum, JEA etc etc etc is not just wrong, but it is embarrassing as well

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1 comment:

  1. I truly do not understand how Jason Fischer's supposed 200 constituents outweigh the thousands of Duval PTA members