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Sunday, October 18, 2020

DCPS is using the DOH as an excuse to risk lives

 DCPS is risking lives, that's a fact, and another is they are using the DOH as cover to do so. Contact tracing that quarantines half of a married couple, one sibling and not others, teachers but not their students and takes days to do is useless. I know it, you know it, and the district does knows it too.

A SB member I actually like said they are doing what the DOH tells them to do. This, by the way, is the same DOH that wouldn't return their calls over the summer and which is politically compromised. 

If you want to be horrified by how bad a job Florida is doing, read the link below.

What's to stop the district from saying, well, if this teacher is quarantined, their students should be too, or the other half of a set of twins or a married couple, or you know things that make sense.

You ever notice nothing is ever the district's fault? The state made us do it, the DOH says, it happened at a party? The super and board are in charge of the district, and them repeatedly, REPEADELY giving up their authority is going to destroy public education.

Charters, testing, screwing over veteran teachers, keeping teachers on one-year contracts, risking lives,  they say over and over there is nothing they can do. Then why the hell are they there? Why do we have them? They are supposed to stand up for public education but instead, they ask how high they have to jump and how far they have to get out of the way as public education and the teaching profession are steamrolled. If they care about us, I haven't seen it.

The district says they are just following orders, which is never an acceptable excuse, but the truth is the DOH is giving them cover for what they want to do, keep butts in the seat, so they don't jeopardize the referendum.  

I want to share some things with you in case you did not know. Contact tracing in our schools as we do it is a bad joke, social distancing, by and large, is not happening, and the dashboard is not an accurate representation of what is happening in the district. We have been lucky so far, but that luck will run out.   

People's lives are worth more than a roll of the dice. Just ask the Jaguars.



  1. I am so disappointed and disgusted with the way the district had handled itself during the pandemic. I was nervous about coming back face to face but I honestly believed that as professionals we would be setting the example. I had high expectations for the district and we received mediocre accommodations. Cheap or nonexistent PPE, large class sizes, and tone deaf responses.

  2. You can't close it down.. We have to be smart take precautions and move forward.

  3. Covid reporting is the new referral. Keep the numbers down at all cost. Contact tracing is either non-existent or so random that it might as well be. #playitdown

    1. What about LaVilla students who share buses with DA students in the afternoons? The district is great at pointing fingers...not so good at looking in the mirror and holding themselves accountable. The district thinks that covid only occurs in a dance studios, offsite parties, etc. Like f2f school is not a super spreader type of event?? They can't see the forest for the trees. If it were up to teachers(the boots on the ground) we'd have been doing virtual classes weeks ago.