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Saturday, October 24, 2020

So much for schools not being COVID spreaders (draft)

 I am so disappointed in DCPS, they are knowingly putting people at risk and that's leading to an uptick in the virus. As cases in schools rise dramatically so do cases in the city and nation. The most easily predictable thing ever is coming true more and more people are getting sick. Sadly the super and school board has responded with a shrug.


I don't think it is a coincidence that District cases are heading through the roof and remember this is just what they are reporting, we all know it is much worse.

Then it's not just happening here, it's happening all across the country as we have seen our highest numbers yet.

From the Washington Post,

America on Friday hit its highest daily number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, recording at least 82,600 new infections and surpassing the previous record set during the summertime surge of cases across the Sun Belt.

Then on Thursday Florida had its highest amount of cases since July and we have averaged over 3k cases a day in October.

Yet somehow it's even worse than that because Florida willfully underreports its cases.

From the Palm Beach Post,
Ugh and it gets worse

From the Chicago Tribune, 

Florida has obscured the true extent of its COVID-19 pandemic by using a misleading measure of positive cases to justify reopening schools and businesses, state data indicates. 

While Florida has publicized that its “positivity rate” has regularly fallen below 5%, other health organizations are publishing data that shows the rate may be dramatically higher.

From reporting wrong numbers to not reporting, it's %$#&ing terrifying.

If DCPS is going to keep us in schools they should at least endeavor to keep us safe and that means robust contact tracking, not the bullshit they are doing now.

People can say schools aren't spreaders and correlating is not causation, but I am going to go with what my eyes are seeing. 

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  1. C'mon & I both know they don't give a shit about anything but November 3rd. They might hem and haw while throwin in a "gosh darn" but at the end of the day it's all about the $$ to them. Look for a (cue sight word)"pivot" to online learning in a few weeks after Biden wins & DC school board miraculously grows a backbone...fml