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Monday, October 26, 2020

The wheels have come off the wagon.

 At my school, the Job Developer, lead ESE teacher, and behavior interventionist are routinely covering classes, strange because Superintendent Greene said we had 2k subs ready to go. The reality is like many things, she has said that was not completely true, and then this happened.

For beep's sake, we are now in desperate territory. The wheels have come off the wagon.

I really don't like being lied to; I am an adult and a professional, be honest with me, and who knows, maybe I can help, but when you lie to me about one thing, subs, then it makes me think, well what else are you lying about, dashboard maybe?  

We need subs, but it's becoming more and more apparent we need new leadership too. I don't see how Greene recovers from the lack of trust she has cultivated. 

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