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Monday, November 2, 2020

City Hall guaranties 22 million dollar KIPP loan

 Remember when the city council demanded to know every detail of the 15 year 1.3 billion dollar referendum? Well okaying a 22 million dollar loan for the KIPP school didn't merit one question. Not a chirp, nothing.  

I have some issues and I think you should too.

The city already routinely gives KIPP hundreds of thousands of dollars extra. It gave them 631k early this year.

Though we have really given them millions

Two of the members of the Neighborhood Committee have taken money from Gary Chartrand, you know, the one behind the KIPP school. Ju'Coby Pitman, tens of thousands, and Rory Diamond, a cool million.

It, however, gets even worse.  The KIPP network just took in tens of millions in pandemic CARES cash.

This on the heels of huge grants they have received in recent years.

Plus they will undoubtedly reap tens of millions from the referendum.

Why are we guarantying their loans again?

This is the bottom line, over and over again the city throws money at the KIPP school and Gray Chartrand who both founded the KIPP school and is owed millions by it. The mayor and city council fought against the referendum and the school system for the most part so Chartrand could get paid. They are going to cost the school system hundreds of millions of dollars so their donor can make bank. 

It's outrageous.

How charters will make money off the referendum.


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  1. Don't forget that when asked about ROI for lot J our former accountant mayor deferred to the developer to fill in the blanks. How many jobs will be created? Ask the developer. What kind of economic impact will lot J have? Ask the developer. Imagine if the school board had been this lazy. Instead the school board conducted meetings all over the city building consensus but the only meetings our city council members and mayor pay attention to take place on a billionaire's yacht.