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Thursday, July 4, 2019

The KIPP school has taken in an extra 1,441,000 Duval Tax Payer dollars over the last three years.

631,000 This year, 725,000 last year and 85,000 the year before, for a grand total of  1,441,000.

To see KIPP's budgets for the last three years click the link,

Those first two numbers are from the Kids Hope Alliance formerly the Jacksonville Children's Commission and they were for its longer school day. Not an after school program but for its regular school day.

Could DCPS come hat in hand to them and say we think some of our schools could benefit from a longer school day and get funds? Why do I think no.

Then the 85 grand came from the old Jacksonville Journey because, you know reasons.

This all on top of the millions that Jason Fischer annually puts in the state budget.

Friends think about this, our city government leaders aren't willing to do anything for our public schools, but at the same time send backpacks full of cash to charters with close ties to the donors who give our city leaders, back packs full of cash. What's the sticking point? Those donors want even more cash.

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