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Sunday, June 20, 2021

The trans athlete and CRT ban fall under the G.O.P's umbrella of destroy public education.

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action."

— Auric GoldfingerGoldfinger

Jacksonville has been at the epicenter of the state's attacks on public education. It started with the Trans Athlete ban at a private school with a long and proud history of anti-LGBTQ action, and it accelerated with the ban of teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools. It didn't matter that it wasn't happening. Both heinous on their own, they are made more so because they are actually attacks on public education designed to make families flee to the state's preferred choice of education, barely regulated private schools that can teach whatever they please.  

With the Trans athlete ban, The G.O.P. in Florida has painted a picture of a thousand swinging dicks, trying to trick their way into girls lockerooms and ammass trophies dominateing sports. The act was called Save our Girls for goodness sake. The reality however is over the last decade maybe a dozen trans athletes have participated in sports in Floirda and none have dominated. This was a solution without a problem designed to both gin up the base and marginalize the LGBTQ community and public education.

Trinity Christian where the bill was signed, emphasizes this because they willfully and gleefully both take public money and discriminate against LGBTQ children. 

The attacks on Critical Race Theory are just as despicable. First, once again, C.R.T. was not being taught in our schools, but it has been characterized over and over by G.O.P politicians and talking heads as indoctrinating our children to hate their country. In an anti-knowledge is power message, DeSantis, Corcoran, and their shills on the state board of education, said looking at history through an honest lens would not be permissible.   

This goes along with how commissioner Corcoran said recently that public school teachers can't be trusted and constantly monitored. To the willfully ignorant, they are painting a picture of teachers indoctrinating students to hate and, in the case of white students, their race, and their families when nothing could be farther from the truth.

The solution to both fake problems is to have families send children to the recently expanded voucher program. They say there won't be no gay stuff, and Merica will be celebrated daily. 

DeSantis with voucher schools is like the Wizard of Oz, saying, look at me and not behind the curtain. The problem is some people have looked behind the curtain and what they have seen is appalling. First, these schools are allowed to discriminate, and many do against LGBTQ and disabled children. They can teach whatever they want. The Orlando Sentinel reported that more than a few taught Dinosaurs lived with humans, and slavery was really black migration, among other ridiculous subjects. They can hire whoever they want, college degrees optional and have so little accountability you might as well say they have none. Heck, most don't even have to account for how they spend the money they receive.

Apparently, no Gay stuff/Merica great is more important than accountability and standards to Florida's G.O.P.  

I don't want to downplay how awful and unnecessary the trans athlete and CRT bans are. I don't, but at the same time, we have to acknowledge where decency and the truth are victims; another of their targets is public education.

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