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Thursday, June 24, 2021

DCPS school board abdicates their responsibility to stand up for public education (draft)

 This was another brutal year for public education with the attacks on trans children, the banning of teaching the truth about our nation's founding, attacks on teachers and their unions, and the usurpation of the school boards' authority to regulate all the public schools in its districts. Truly dreadful all brought about by a state government whose goal is not to help or improve public education but to drown it in the bathtub.

The state is going to do what the state is going to do until people wake up and realize our public schools are more important and vital than what's happening with Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato head, and what other culture war the right comes up with to gin up their base and distract them from both real problems and what they are doing. That being said, I have higher expectations for our school board, who have been silent about all of the above. 

Attacks on trans children, silent.

Attacks on teachers' unions, silent.

Threats against teachers, silent.

Creating a new entity to approve charter schools and sending two hundred million more to barely regulated private schools, violating the state constitution, and again you guess it, silence.

At some point doesn't their silence become complicity, I mean if they weren't complicit from the beginning?

The only opinion any member of the board has publically given is Lori Hershey on the banning of teaching Critical Race Theory, something that she knows isn't happening, and she, after making a hard right turn to run for a House seat, was all for it.

I believe the board has a responsibility to educate people about all the bad and unnecessary and potentially illegal policies that come out of Tallahassee, a responsibility they have abdicated over and over again. Doesn't the public deserve to know where the board stands on these education issues?

This is the thing, the school board does not represent children, or teachers or families, not at all, and you shouldn't think for a second they do. No, they represent Greene and her administration, and that's it, and she is compromised by her fear of Corcoran or her far-right education reform beliefs. Neither she nor they seem to have any interest in educating the public about Tallahassee's machinations or for standing up for public education.  

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