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Friday, June 11, 2021

Lori Hershey chooses to be on the wrong side of history for political expediancy

 This is is such a disappointing piece to write. I have liked Hershey and supported her.

First, some facts.

Hershey was just elected in November

8 months into her term, she has filed to run for House seat 16, the one about to be vacated by Jason Fischer, who also filed to run for Aaron Bean's senate seat six months in his term. 

When voting to change the names of the schools named after Confederate generals, Hershey joined Charlotte Joyce and voted against history and decency. I am not so much mad at Joyce, I don't know it for a fact, but I am sure it is true, but Joyce tried to pray COVID away, and she just doesn't know any better. On the other hand, Hershey does, yet because she wants what she considers higher office, joined with what she thinks her base is, and think about that. She thinks her base wants black children to attend schools named after people who thought they were sub-human and should be enslaved. 

She gave some excuse like she was voting against it for financial reasons, but that excuse falls flat. I will also give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn't know Fischer, the most craven politician in Duval history, and that's saying a lot, was going to file to run for a different office, but so the %#$@ what. The school board should not be a stepping stone on the way up or a landing spot on the way down, and Warren Jones, I am looking at you. It should be for someone who cares about and wants to improve education, and $@#^ if I know anyone on the current board fits that description.

The think is Hershey went and doubled down.

From WJCT news,

Gov. Ron DeSantis has said he wants to prevent the teaching of critical race theory.  

Duval County school board member Lori Hershey agrees. 

“The core idea of critical race theory is that racism is a social construct, and it’s embedded in legal systems and policy,” she said. 

“We’re at a time in our nation that I really think we need to stay away from theories that are divisive in the classroom, and particularly theories that tend to lean more towards a political perspective, and lean towards indoctrination of students in a specific political mindset,” said Hershey, who has also filed to run as a Republican in the District 16 state Senate race

Critical race theory is not taught in any Florida K-12 schools. But Hershey said she saw a trend in that direction, and she thought the rule would prevent that.

Um, she sees it trending that way? Um, where can we get some examples? Get the %#$& out of here.

This ban was about whitewashing history and marginalizing teachers, and Hershey said, sounds good to me. 



Hershey has thrown away 8 years of goodwill, she has said to hell with history, the teaching profession, and decency, she betrayed her supporters and our schools and for what? To pander to a bunch of racists, which she thinks will be the margin of victory in a house race.  


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