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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Governor DeSantis's blatant cruelty

 Governor DeSantis said it was just a coincidence he signed a bill excluding transgender girls from sports on the first day of gay pride month.   

DeSantis also said it was a coincidence he signed the bill at a private school, Trinity Christian, that takes public money and actively discriminates against LGBTQ children. The Orlando Sentinel did an article on Private schools that take public money and actively discriminate, and it turns out that Jacksonville has seven, including Trinity Christian.   

He was not asked, but he may have said it was just a coincidence that he signed the bill at a podium with a sign that said, Save our Girls.  

I wonder what he was saving our girls from because when asked, the bill's sponsors in the house and senate couldn’t indicate one example of Transgender athletes dominating sports in Florida, despite them participating for decades. However, one of the sponsors, Senator Kellie Stargel, did say during the sente debate that being gay was a choice, and there we have the crux of the matter.     

The true intention of this bill other than to gin up the Republican base, who constantly needs somebody to be mad at or fear, was to send our LGBTQ citizens a message that they are not valued. They have gone too far integrating into society, and Florida was putting a stop to it. 

We should at least be thankful that the final bill did not include a provision that passed the house, which called for the inspection of children’s genitalia. Still, we can’t be because the attacks on the LGBTQ community and decency were just part of the bill. 

The biggest part of the bill strips the right to authorize charter schools away from school districts, ignoring the constitution, which says only school boards have the right to manage public schools in their districts. Of course, since the state has basically made it impossible to say no to charters, this was only a nominal power they had, but now there is no pretense.     

People are saying SB 1028 is an anti-trans bill, and it is, but it is also an unprecedented power and money grab from local school districts.   

 Finally, on the same day, Jacksonville was saying no to racism by changing the names of six schools' named after confederate generals, the governor said yes to prejudice, and told the LGBTQ community they were second class and would be treated thusly. but I guess the governor would say that was just a coincidence. 

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