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Sunday, May 22, 2022

It's time we belives Superintendet Greene when she tells us who she is (draft)

 Time and time again, Greene has told us who she is and yet many people don't seem to believe her. She fought against the use of masks, her leadership led to the gutting of protections of LGBTQ children and she joined the Chiefs for Change, Jeb Bush's little club that has led to all the so-called reforms that have kneecapped public education. Time and time again she has put HER welfare above the welfare of the children, teachers, and public education.

A few years back Commissioner Corcoran in a display of misogyny and perhaps racism went after Greene threatening to have legislation passed that would let the state take over schools that didn't perform well on the test du jour. Greene pushed back at the meeting, but since then it has all been how high would you like me to jump.

Then last summer Greene did all she could to make sure we were a mask optional district even overriding the school board on occasion. 

After purposely remaining silent about all the attacks on the LGBTQ community, Greene has now called for the gutting of their protections, siding with the worst of us. 

Then let's talk about her joining the chiefs for change which have pushed school privatization, high stakes testing, blame the teacher evaluations, and an era where teachers weren't treated as professionals but more like easily replaceable cogs.

Any one of these is bad but when taken in their totality shows a pattern of conduct that does not have students' and teachers' best interests at heart. No, instead each one of these ingratiates herself to groups that disrespect, marginalize, and outright want to replace public education.  

I also want to add that Corcoran bragged he had Amy Donofrio fired, something he would have had to coordinate with Greene to do. So much for sticking up for teachers, am I right? 

Greene despite her soft-spoken nature, her "Team Duval" chants, and the year pins her administration passes out during teacher appreciation week, in my opinion, cares about exactly one person, and that's who she sees in the mirror.

We need a superintendent who is going to stand up for children, teachers, and public schools and we don't have that in her. 

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