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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do you know a politician is lying? His mouth is moving

John Thrasher said it doesn’t matter that we are fifth in the Education Weeks Quality Counts ratings of states education system, that we should be number one. Though he fails to mention that he wants the state to be number one on the fifth ranked budget.

Don’t think for a second that if we were ranked 20th or 30th or lower he wouldn’t have used it as a further indictment against teachers or if we were ranked first he would have found some other excuse to try and enact his anti-teacher reforms.

But what is even more frustrating is that he and Scott say the system is broken but embrace Jeb Bush the man who is arguably most responsible for where we find our selves. How can they say it is broken and embrace the man who must have broken it?

The answer is this isn’t about education it’s about big business looking to get a piece of the education pie and busting teachers unions. In the eyes of Scott, Thrasher, and Bush teachers can’t win, they must not be allowed to but what these powers-that-be don’t get, is that if teachers lose so to do the states children.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher


  1. And it is time for the teachers that do see where this train is going speak out! Too many educators, parents, and the public are unaware of our destination.

  2. The system is broken it just hasn't hit bottom after doing a Thelma & Louise off the cliffback in the early 90's. The difference however is that you have the correct ideas on how to improve said broken system. Scott and Thrasher bless their conservative hearts have no clue. But then neither does anyone on the School Board or in that Condo on the River. Just like WWI, the chateau generals (politicians and school board) are not listening to the Captains and Lieutenants (teachers) in the trenches. And just like WWI we lead our troops (students)oover the top to be slaughtered in combat (education progress) and leave their bodies stranded on the barbed wire (job market).
    Tom Altee