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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Legistlature looking for help

From the blog, Florida Common Ground

Governor Rick Scott has put a renewed emphasis on education. He’s working to keep the best teachers and expand school choice through charter schools and virtual education. He is committed to ensuring that Florida has an education system to produce a workforce that is prepared to compete in the new, global economy.

The Florida Senate is also working to ensure education reform is a conversation – amongst all Floridians. Today, the Senate Pre-K-12 Committee is holding a hearing to gather comments on “teacher quality and student success.” However, being a Friday, most Floridians are working and are unable to attend such a meeting. To ensure feedback is given on this important issue, the Senate has developed an e-mail account,, for all Floridians to send in their views.

I applaud this initiative and hope all parents, educators, citizens and students let their voice be heard.

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