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Monday, January 24, 2011

W.C. Gentry Shows School Boards True Colors

School Board chair W.C. Genty showed the Duval County Public Schools school board’s true colors today and that’s they are just a rubber stamp for the administration. He did so when he said, “the consensus of the board was to push forward with whatever plan they decide on…” Not this plan or that plan, but whatever plan.

They is the administration. What he is talking about is what to do with our four continuously failing schools, his answer again was, “Push forward with whatever they decide.” In case you didn’t know it the options of what they could do are both varied and numerous but that obviously doesn’t matter. “Push forward with whatever they decide.” These are his words.

Until recently the school board has been made up of casual observers filled with hubris and politicians on the way up or way down (W.C. Gentry himself didn’t run for school board until after a failed state senate bid) and their lack of leadership and rubber stamping whatever the administration puts forth as the gospel is one of the biggest reasons we find ourselves in the education hole we are in. In case Mr. Gentry might not know it but it is not only his and the boards responsibility to understand the problems facing our education system but to also represent the cities children, parents, stakeholders and even it's teachers too. Not just the high priced, low result crew that has taken over the palace on the banks of the St. Johns river and whatever they say.

It’s ridiculous that they would rubber stamp whatever proposal the administration put forth without any investigation or thought and him saying that is what they are going to do, makes me think they don't understand the problem and made no effort to do so. As you send your children to school tomorrow, remember his words, "Push forward with whatever they decide to do." and as you do so maybe you will wonder like me, why do we even have a school board.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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