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Thursday, January 20, 2011

School Boards soon to be packing heat?

As scary as I am sure that was, might this be an overreaction? -cpg

From Tampa Bay.coms gradebook

by Jeff Solocheck

Florida school board members would be allowed to carry concealed weapons at their meetings if state Rep. Jimmy Patronis has his way.

County commissioners and other elected officials, too.

He has his reasons. Patronis, a Panama City Republican, represents Bay County, where a gunman commandeered a School Board meeting in December, shooting at board members and the superintendent before killing himself.

"Out of respect of what happened at our Bay District Schools meeting last month, I think it's worthy to bring up the subject," Patronis said to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Already, district leaders around the state are talking about adding security to their meetings. We haven't heard any talk about wanting to bring their own guns to the party, although some have said they wouldn't mind having armed guards in the house. This idea has come up before. We'll just have to watch the Legislature to see how far it gets this year.

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