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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paula Wright pleads poverty. How poor is she really?

When talking about taking a 2800-dollar raise Mrs. Wright said: she’s like everyone else across the country who has been feeling the pinch of a down economy. The extra money will help, she said.

“I’m going to accept it,” Wright said. “I work hard and despite what people think, this isn’t a part-time job. I’ve actually lost money being on the board and so, I’m not different, when I go to the gas pump, it’s the same price for me.”

I looked at her financials from last year and she declared a net wealth of $182, 796.25 and a 2011 income of $75,552 or about 12 grand more than the highest paid teacher in the district.

As for her claim that she is losing money, in 2010 she claimed a net worth of 122 thousand dollars and an income of 51 thousand dollars. I am not a math major but it doesn’t seem like she is losing any money there.

So yes Mrs. Wright I guess things have been tough, for some tougher than others, tougher still for those who you want to take you seriously.


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