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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida legislators with charter school ties should recuse themselves from charter school votes

From a piece by Kathleen McGrory:

A growing number of lawmakers have personal ties to charter schools. Sen. John Legg, who chairs the Senate Education Committee, is co-founder and business administrator of Dayspring Academy in Port Richey. Anne Corcoran, wife of future House Speaker Richard Corcoran, plans to open a classics-themed charter school in Pasco County. House Budget Chairman Seth McKeel is on the board of the McKeel Academy Schools in Polk County. In addition, the brother-in-law of House Education Appropriations Chairman Erik Fresen runs the state's largest charter management firm, Academica Corp. and Sen. Anitere Flores, also of Miami, is the president of an Academica-managed charter college in Doral.

W,wh, wha, what?!? How are these people who would obviously benefit financially from charter school legislation allowed to participate in charter school legislation? These people aren’t just supporters of charter schools; these are people (or family members) who stand to make a lot of money off charter schools.

Friends you have to ask yourself, especially with all the charter school scandals and closures what is the real reason we have had a proliferation of charter schools. The answer is easy, follow the money.

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