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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Civics gets a fail in Duval County

From a long time reader:

God Bless Duval County Public Schools: Civics (new to 7th grade) is taught as a year long class with some geography and some economics included. In fact, 80-85% of the course is "Civics" and rightfully so is coded as a Civics class and 7th grade students are given credit for taking Civics. So the EOC (end of course) exam written by DCPS is given and counts as 20% of the students grade. What do my students say about this test?? Wait for it... It was mostly economics. Yes, the county tests the kids mostly on what the course is NOT called, coded, or given credit as. The FLDOE published guide lines for EOC's, silly silly me for thinking Duval would adhere to standards, benchmarks, and guidelines. No, DCPS grades these students on their knowledge of Economics and gives them credit for taking Civics, fails them for Civics because they don't know economics.. Either way epic fail!


  1. The test wasn't created by Duval County....IT IS A STATE ASSESSMENT/EOC