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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher appreciation week comes to an end, did Obama even notice it happened.

Probably not as he declared this charter school week.

A Charter School Teacher wrote into the Diane Ravitch blog and this is what she said about all that appreciation she was getting.

“I’ve been an educator in Columbus, Ohio since university. In my 8th year, I currently earn 34,000 before taxes at a 9-12 charter school. I can be fired at any time. I have no tenure, no union, and scarce resources to teach. I also act as a librarian, though I wear no such title nor do I earn pay for wearing this hat. Students come in and depart through a revolving door of enrollment procedures I am not privy to. I’ve seen two administrators at two different charter schools resign because they were stealing. One continues his work at another charter in the city. My family needs the money I earn, so I must teach, but I just pray a public school gives me a chance.”

This is what Diane Ravith had to say.

Bear in mind that almost 90% of charters are non-union, that charters may fire teachers at will, that charter teachers do not have tenure, that many charters are known for high teacher turnover due to the stress of longer school days, and that many do not hire certified teachers. In some states, like Ohio, charter teachers earn half as much as public school teachers, because the charter teachers are typically younger and less experienced.

Mr. President it would have been better had you kept silent and let teachers think you were a douche with terrible education policies and a palpable disrespect for teachers rather than to make your idiotic proclamation and confirm it.

Thanks for nothing.

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