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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The silly things superintendents say

When talking about teacher evaluations, Superintendent Vitti said, he was open to using student feedback on evaluations because “the student voice has been missing” from the system.

When I read above I wondered what kind of “voice” he allowed his kids to have when they want to hit up the cookie jar, surely they get some sort of say right? I imagine after the kids pled their case the super and or his wife weigh all the relevant factors, proximity to dinner, behavior, status of homework etc. and then distribute or don’t distribute the cookies as they see fit. That’s the way it is done. Kids have their say, adults make the decision. The reality however is what kids say doesn’t always factor into what adults decide.

The problem with using student input on teacher evaluations as related to cookies is somebody not in the house, somebody the kids most likely had limited contact with, and somebody who has a limited understanding of what the cookie dynamic is, if the kids deserved cookies or not, would be making the decision if the input was relevant or not. That or the kids could bribe or cajole their parents into giving them cookies by holding something over their head (evaluations) whether they deserved it or not.

Do you want other people to decide if your kids get cookies or do you want kids who have no business getting cookies, getting cookies?

Neither do I.


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