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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Greene gets what she wants, more people in schools.

 More people in schools mean more danger for children and staff. This, however, is what Greene wants, and let that sink in.

Over the next few weeks, the hybrid model which allowed middle and high school students to do some of their learning from home comes to an end.

From First Coast News, 

More students are about to be in Duval County Public Schools as the school system begins phasing out its hybrid learning model in accordance with Florida's emergency order mandating full-time, in-person learning options.

Greene says this complies with the executive order from the state but like usual she blames the state for doing her dirty work. She doesn't even acknowledge that the state lost its court case, though it was stayed to keep the new normal, which in Jacksonville includes the hybrid model. 

She might say the rollback of the hybrid is a compromise, but it's only a compromise if there were other options on the table. It is only a compromise if the super proposed keeping the hybrid through the first nine weeks or something else. The state just agreeing to Greene's proposal is not a compromise.   

Thus far there have been dozens of infections and hundreds of quarantines. What does she think will happen when we put tens of thousands more back in the schools? She knows and if she cares one iota I haven't seen it.

People might say we are doing better and cases are down and sure maybe, I don't know who or what to trust but even if that is true, and I have my doubts, this isn't the time to let up. It's time to bare down or we will be right back to where we were or worse and I want to remind everyone we are still in a much worse position than when we shut everything down in March. 

In my opinion, Greene's choices through the pandemic have been reckless and dangerous and I think it is time for her to go.   


  1. C'mon Chris you know the district bigwigs only care about the $$funding$$. They don't give a shit about the kids or people like us.

  2. I hope she gets to experience what she is forcing some families and teachers into facing. She's well educated, but not very smart.