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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I am voting for the referendum because I believe in the district, I just wish they believed in me.

I got an email from my school administration telling me if I wanted to vote for the referendum, I had to register by Monday. I am pretty sure it wasn't their idea to send it to me, which undoubtedly came from higher up. So much for the no-politics rule. 

It's okay; I plan to vote for the referendum because I believe in the district and understand it desperately needs the extra resources; I just wish the district believed in the rest of its staff and me. It's hard to forget that during the pandemic, the district has taken resource, planning, and even lunchtime from thousand of teachers and prioritized making sure standards are on our walls rather than taking care of its staff.

A colleague kind of summed it up in a Facebook post a few days ago.

That summed up a lot of people's feelings, though it really just scratched the surface.

Let's add basically useless and reckless contract tracing, a lack of teaching materials for many, and the seeming lack of a coherent plan to the list. 

I get it, there is a pandemic that ratchets everything up, but the district seems to have said to itself, let's take it even farther. Let's dump and overwhelm teachers like never before. 

Greene is making miss me Vitti (though not Irenetta talk about failing up). I said it, and I know many of you are thinking about it.

So my plan is to support the referendum; our system shouldn't suffer because the current iteration of our administration pulled back the curtains and revealed they were capricious and inept. I believe we will see better days, those of that survive or don't quit anyway.   

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