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Monday, September 21, 2020

About those 2000 subs, we are missing 1500 (draft)

 I don't like saying the superintendent lied but when one bluffs they should understand it may be called. She said we had 2000 subs some trained in DHR ready to go but the reality is we have closer to 500 as daily over a quarter of jobs go unfilled.

Now I want to be fair, some positions are harder to fill than others and if somebody fails their test in the morning it may be hard to get a sub at a moments notice, but that being said if Greene was being honest over 1600 of those ready to go subs are passing on gigs on a daily basis.

I think this however exposes and even bigger problem. When she talked about the subs she also said we only had 80 something openings when the truth was we had twice that many. If she is going to be what some say deceptive, though others might say overly optimistic about these things, what else might she be either of those things about, the spread of COVID in our schools definitly comes to mind. 

Then when she left Manatee she left a fair amount of scandals in her wake. Rising and unexpected construction costs, a new costly computer program, and a grade inflation scandal.  I barely covered any of these thinsg because Vitti was such a disaster and I wanted her to succeed. At some point don't we have to consider all of these things aren't just one offs and maybe there is a patern there?

To read more about Greene's past scandals, click the links,


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