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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

If the superintendent is going isn't going to be honest about subs what else will she not be honest about.

Superintendent Greene has not been honest with us and that may be as uncomfortable for you to read as it was for me to write, but it's the truth, and if the superintendent is going to decive to us about job openings and sub positions, where is her limit? 

On Facebook, I posed this question:

 The super said we had 2000 subs ready to go, including some trained to do virtual learning. I don't think this is accurate. Every day there is a call for several sub-teams at my school. I was wondering if any teachers have had a hard time getting a sub or have had to cover classes because of teacher absences.

I put in on my personal page and four others whose primary focus was local education. The response was overwhelming and damning.

The posts received over a hundred comments, and I received 11 personal messages about subs, and overwhelmingly they reported issues.

Classes are being canceled, classes are being split, and teachers are being called to cover their colleagues' classes at a pace like never before. Why? Because we don't have the subs like Greene said we did.

Now somebody supposed when she said it, this was her doing a poker bluff, and sure I buy that but should the super be bluffing during a pandemic about coverage for classes? Should she be making stuff up? She also did so when talking about openings. She said we had 80 a few weeks back when we had twice that many.

Being deceptive isn't her only disturbing behavior. She has ignored science from the get-go and also ignored the board's effort to have people work from home.

Maybe we have been lucky so far as the district said last week we only had 15-17 positive cases, though when you aren't honest about one thing, it tends to harm your credibility about other things, so maybe we haven't. These things tend to snowball and take a few weeks to get rolling.

This is the thing I am sure she can produce a list with 2000 sub names on it, but by now, we all know that it is not true. I am also sure she can produce something similar for the dashboard. Though I personally know more people than who have quarantined, including a class at my school. Maybe that's the question, how many people have quarantined, that the media should be asking.

It's a pandemic. This is potentially life and death. Don't we deserve a leader who is going to be honest with us, even if it's not good news? A leader who is going to do absolutely everything to keep us safe? I do, and unfortunately, we don't have it.

We don't have 2000 subs ready to go, not even close, and maybe one of the reasons we don't is the super presented like we did.

I do want to say out of the 100 plus comments and private messages I received, a few people reported that things were fine with them or at their school. These comments, however, were far and few between. I would say 15-20 to one against.

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  1. As long as they get the sales tax passed nothing else matters.