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Sunday, September 27, 2020

The district is "just following orders"

 Like that was not acceptable historically it should not be acceptable today. 

I am absolutely sick of hearing its the state that made the schools open and it's the DOH who is responsible for our woeful contact tracing. Absolutely untrue on both fronts but what they have done is given the district cover for some of their dreadful decisions. Just following orders is an unacceptable excuse.

Greene wanted schools to open.

She didn't want to inform people about the spread of COVID in our schools either. These are facts.

I want to remind everyone the state lost the lawsuit about their executive order, and I don't believe for a second they would have even attempted to claw back any money if we would have gone completely virtual for the first nine weeks. 

Then there is also the fact that the state constitution gives the district the ability to run its schools. 

We could and should be doing better.

I would say when you are in a hole stop digging but the truth is we are aren't in a hole we are right where the district wants us to be or you don't give in to bullies but the truth is the district and the state are on the same page.     

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  1. They only care about the sales tax going through. We're just pawns in their game. Can't wait to see kids coming to school without masks. They'll say the guv isn't worried about rona so why should they wear masks? I'll shrug my shoulders and keep wearing my mask.